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Revisión de diferentes Estrategias y Métodos Homeopáticos. Alastair Gray
01.09.2012 - 06.10.2012 
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Con Alastair Gray. TeleSeminarios cada Sábado durante 6 semanas en Inglés

July , 2012 - issue 1

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the Variety of Methods

in Homeopathy

for Better Outcomes

To the immense frustration of homeopathic students, researchers, patients and educators, there is no one-way, best practice in which homeopathic clinicians do their work. Homeopaths use different methods to get their results, not just one. This is the bottom line. While the underpinning principles of homeopathy are clear, and explored by some of the giants of homeopathic literature, individual interpretation of those principles and the needs of the immediate patient and the specific clinical setting lead to an overwhelming difference in the delivery of homeopathic medicine. The contemporary homeopath needs to grasp them all, history, theory, philosophy and practicalities in order to thrive.

€ 30.00/US$ 40.00

£ 25.00/AU$ 40.00


Successful Case Taking -

-Accurate Prescription

"Homeopathy has been waiting for this book. A comprehensive and detailed look at

methods of case taking that should impress even the most experienced practitioner. I'm

looking forward to the next six volumes! Essential reading for students and experienced

practitioners alike. A gripping read for any homeopath, moving our understanding of

homeopathy onto a new level."

- Kate Chatfield, UK

"Reading this book made me aware of what a huge task it is to become a homeopath ... of just how many pieces are involved in this one case-taking part of our process as healers. Alastair has provided a beautiful tableau for homeopathic educators and students - painting the broad strokes of a varied landscape and a plethora of fine lines as well. This is a conversation about case-taking for the contemporary homeopath. And it is good. Very good."

Miranda Castro USA

€ 25.00/US$ 35.00

£ 23.00/AU$ 35.00

El dominio de diferentes métodos homeopáticos para maximizar los resultados y hacer crecer la práctica clínica

Mastering Different Homeopathic Methods

to Maximise Results and Grow Clinical Practice

Webinar series 1st September - 6th October, 2012

Why does one homeopath give this and another one that?

Why does one text book say one thing and another contradict it?

Why is some homeopathy classical, pure, real, genuine, advanced?

Quite simply, the practice of homeopathy is different in Germany, India, the US, the UK, Ghana, Argentina, New Zealand, and Canada.There are different schools of homeopathic thought emphasis and reasoning and different ways to prescribe.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the heart of why homeopathic methods vary
  • Develop the confidence to master them
  • Identify where the traditions come from, who said what and why
  • Learn the elegance and simplicity of Hahnemann's method
  • Critically reflect on Kent's emphasis and its consequences
  • Grasp that at the centre of each method is an interpretation of totality of symptoms
  • Reflect on modern methods such as Sensation and know when best to use them
  • Integrate organ based prescribing methods to augment homeopathic practice in complex cases
  • Unscramble the debates about combinations, specifics and therapeutics
  • Understand the true meaning and relevance of constitution
  • Develop confidence in know which method to use and when to rely on it

Homeopathy can be a hard sell in the 21st century. Even the word itself is problematic. Not only are the fundamental principles challenging and new to most people, but the fact that it is practiced in such a wide variety of ways adds to the complexity, and contributes to the difficulty we all have in getting a clear message across to a willing public. read more

in this 6 week course Alastair will get you familiar and then confident with this landscape of different homeopathic methods which is so fundamental to busy successful practice.


Method webinars series on Saturdays

6 week course (6 consecutive Saturdays for 2.5 hours)

September - 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

October - 6

Australia 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm Eastern Stardard Time

France - 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Central European Summer Time

India - 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm India Standard Time

Japan - 10:00 pm - 12:30 am Japan Standard Time

Malaysia - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Malaysia Time

United Kingdom - 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm British Summer Time

Planning to attend these webinar sessions from another time zone?

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190€ / 240$US / £150


Register before 15th August

155€ / 195$US / £125

* You will receive a free DVD of the Lectures included in the price




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Alastair Gray

MSc (UK) BAHons (NZ) ADH (NZ) DSH (UK) PCH (UK) PCHom (Malaysia)

Alastair Gray heads up the homeopathy department nationally at Endeavour College of Natural Health. A dual sector role that involves running an advanced diploma in the vocational education sector and a degree in the higher education sector, he is responsible for quality of the curriculum and the academic integrity of the programs.

He has lectured under and post-graduate homeopathy for 15 years.

A regular seminar and conference presenter in New Zealand, Malaysia, the USA, Ireland, Canada, the UK, India, Thailand and Australia, he also delivers webinars worldwide.

His latest book Method (2011) was released at the 2011 LIGA conference to complement Case Taking (2010), Volume I in The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine series. In addition, Alastair has published four books and numerous articles on the provings of Moreton Bay Fig, Tea Tree, Waratah, Tar Tree, Liquorice, Cactus, Kowhai, Kauri, Tuberculinum, Bacilinum, Mosquito, Cockroach, Toad, Seahorse, Pearl, Irukandji, Medusa, Box Jellyfish and White Tailed Spider.

For 20 years Alastair has run a general natural medicine practice in Sydney Australia. Clinical practice remains a significant feature of his work with a focus in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction and men's health.


Praise for the courses with Alastair

"All I can say is that meeting you and doing your course has been

a turning point in my career, it has flipped me upside down and

shaken a lot of the hindering thought patterns that can be cast

upon us by other well-meaning homies, and other practitioners.

I was tossing up between a few different courses, and boy am I

glad I chose yours." T, (AU) Sydney

"What a great experience this proved to be...meaningful, valuable,

and so much fun. Alastair created a wonderful and practical

learning experience with a great group of people. He inspired

passion and confidence in me to go out into the practical world

of building a successful homeopathic practice and sustaining it.

I laughed so much and learnt so much !!" H, (AU) Sydney

"Hi, Alastair - Your seminar was absolutely excellent and your

dedicated, yet common-sense approach to classical homeopathy

was refreshing. Having done a lot of teaching myself over the

last 30+ years and seen lots of other teachers, I can tell you that

practicing a discipline well and being able to teach it well are

two very different aptitudes, and only rarely do they happen to

coincide in the same person. Congratulations on being one of

the very few !" G, (USA)

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